Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering - What is it?

"In order to make a development (or procurement) project succeed, it is necessary to know the requirements for the system and to document them in a suitable manner"
Requirements Engineering Fundamentals, K Pohl et al, 2011.

So why are so many projects struggling with their time plan, budget, quality and/or customers?

We frankly think that people need help to express themselves in a way to create SMART requirements. People are not geared to have thousands of requirements on different abstraction levels in their heads and be able to understand the complexity in its context. It’s really too much for humans to cope with. Even if we divide it in different system levels and get different experts involved to handle difficult challenges one needs to see the complete picture. How does someone understand if we have captured the complete set of requirements? Do we have any inconsistency in the complete set?

Humans are needed to make great systems, but humans also need help in creating great set of Correct, Complete and Consistent requirements and specifications. That help is called RQS.