A Proof of Concept

We offer different Proof of concept (POC) models in order for you test the CCC method in order to demonstrate its feasibility, or to demonstrate key principle with the aim of verifying that the concept has practical potential and adds value to your organization. A proof of concept is usually small and may or may not be complete. It varies from a small trial where you borrow the tools during a couple of weeks and test them and runs basic Correctness analysis on your requirements to a full scale POC in a pilot projects where we help you on site for a couple of month and sets up the knowledge repository, creates quality metrics and patterns. You will start to feel the full potential of the tools and the technology and starts to get Completeness and Consistency data.

We can run a quality check on one set of your requirements FREE OF CHARGE! You will need to hand them to us and we will give you an analysis report back on the Correctness of your requirements using a standard set of quality metrics in RQA. You will be amazed...

Give us a phone call or e-mail and we will tell you more about how we can test your requirements and how to conduct a POC; small, medium or large.