RQS Suite

—The RQS Suite consists of 3 different tools that can be configured to fit both the small firm as well as the large enterprise. The tools are:

RQA – Requirements Quality Analyzer:

  • —Configures RQA with the quality policies and checklist of your organization
  • —Checks the CCC of your requirements specification
  • —CCC: Correctness, Consistency and Completeness Analysis

—RAT – Requirements Authoring Tool:

  • —Easily writes your requirements by using an assistant:
  • Using requirements patterns
  • —Correctness and Consistency “out of the box”

—KM – Knowledge Manager:

  • —Management of all the domain knowledge behind the quality analysis
  • —Management of glossaries, taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies
  • —Management of requirements patterns to be used by RQA and RAT

Press on the RQA, RAT or kM headings to get more information.

The System Knowledge Repository is a computerized system that systematically captures, organizes and categorizes your organization's knowledge; Product Breakdown Structures, Functional Block Diagrams, Organisational diagrams, Standards, document templates, etc.
The repository can be searched and data can be quickly retrieve between people and projects to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in which your organisation perform its projects, and most importantly increase your requirements quality by knowledge reuse.

Your System Knowledge Repository will soon become one of your most valuable assets and function as a sharable library!