Our approach to training you in Requirements Quality

Our experienced teachers have the perfect mix of real time project experience, theoretical and pedagogical background. This ensures high quality training with maximum learning experience. All courses delivered include blended learning and have a thoughtful mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and the standard of the quality of teaching is very high to meet the learning objectives and goals.

We deliver on-site training on the following topics:

  • Requirements Engineering fundamentals (two days)
  • Requirements quality and specification structure (two days)
  • Quality metrics and pattern development (two days)

Please send us a request if you need more information or to receive detailed training schedules (syllabus).

Courses available in ENGLISH or SWEDISH language.

We are extremely proud to say that we have the ONLY course on the market for requirements development giving concrete feedback on the requirements quality and evolvement during the class exercises!

You as a student write requirements during the class exercises, you get quantitative and qualitative feedback from the teacher and you try again with the new knowledge you got. That will increase your understanding and improve your learning compared to just having theoretical information on "how to write SMART requirements".

We cooperate with NFI Nordic Forum for Information Press their logo for more information

We deliver open courses togheter with the training provider NFI. Next courses in Requirement Quality and Specification Structure have the following dates: